Vitalpet · Equine dentistry

Why do horses need a dentist?

The teeth of horses are “growing” continuously through the life of the animal in natural conditions horses are grazing between 12 and 16 hours per day in order to compensate it.

Nowadays, most of the horses are kept in a box most time of the day and are offered usually very little rough food like hay or straw.

In consequence they chew less hours per day and the teeth don’t reduce by chewing as in natural conditions. Formation of sharp points and ulcers in the oral mucosa are the consequences of this and can cause discomfort to the horse while eating.

How do I know if my horse needs to see the dentist?

· Some of the signs are weight loss or difficulty to put on weight
· Others eat very slowly or they let food fall on the floor
· Repeated colics
· Protesting when you try to put the bit in the mouth
· Loss of flexibility when going to one or both sides
· Head movements and shaking
· Some are very sensitive when getting near the mouth etc.

What does the dentist do? · Maintenance treatments:

· Rasping of the sharp points and leveling of the molars
· Correction of incisors
· Form the bit seat
· Correction of the canine teeth

Special tratments:

Wolf tooth extraction, extraction of retained milk teeth cups and milk teeth incisors, caries lesions etc...